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Entry Form 參加表格


遞交參加表格截止日期: 14 July 2023

遞交計劃書截止日期: 28 July 2023

Company Information 公司資料

Documents for Submission 需提交之文件
Are you HKRMA Members? 是否協會會員?
Upload File (PDF) of BR Copy

* Technology Start-up refers to company which has been set up no more than 5 years or is referred by Science Park, Cyber Port or related Organization.


Contact Person 聯絡人
Participating Award 參加獎項
Please click the button on your selected award(s). 請選擇欲參加之獎項。

​Company Awards 公司獎項
Award Details 獎項詳情

​Company Awards 公司獎項
(1) Smart Retail Tech Award - Technology Vendors 智能零售科技獎 -科技供應商
Provide innovation solution & application to improve and solve industry challenges arising from retailers’ pain points with proven successful implementation on new technology integration on retail business

(2) Smart Retail Tech Award - Technology Startups 智能零售科技獎 - 科技初創企業

Initiated innovative concepts on retail technology solutions & applications and motivated retailers’ adoption on retail business


(3) Smart Transformation & Innovation Award – Retailers  智能轉型及創新獎 - 零售商

Created and executed a project with innovative ideas to overcome business pain points and transform company business or culture


Individual Award (個人獎項)

(4) Smart Retail Talent Award (Individual Award)  智能零售人才大獎 *

To recognize outstanding SMART retail talents in regard to new retail development, participating company can nominate staff of participating project to join “Smart Retail Talent Award” for FREE.


We would like to nominate the following staff to join “Smart Retail Talent Award”


Please select the below area of your participating project / solution.
The proposal templ
ate will list the detailed of each project area.
請按以下選擇參賽項目 / 方案所屬範疇。請下載及參考計劃書模版內提供更詳細的項目範疇。

For choice 5, if your participating solutions covered the aspects of cross-border retailing, then you are entitled to compete for the “Smart GBA Retail Solution Award”


For choice 6, if your participating solutions covered the aspects of eco-friendly retailing, then you are entitled to compete for the Smart Green Retail Tech Solution Award” (for startups / vendors) and  “Smart Green Retail Brand Award” (for retailers)

如貴公司參賽方案涵蓋環保友善零售元素,即合資格競逐「綠色智能零售科技方案獎」(科技初創企業 / 供應商) 及 「綠色智能零售品牌獎」(零售商)。

Download Proposal Template下載項目計畫書模版​


Payment Details 付款詳情

Company Award Participating Fee 公司獎項參賽費用
Member 會員 - HK$3,000
Non-member 非會員:HK$4,000
Start-up 初創公司: HK$2,000

* Individual award is FREE for participation. Submit individual nomination is required to join company award as well.
個人獎項方面, 只需要提名個人單位即可免費參加, 但必須同時參與公司獎項
  • Cheques for fee payments should be made payable to the "Hong Kong Retail Management Association Limited"

  • Mail to 7/F First Commercial Building, 33-35 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Terms and Conditions 條款及細則

Participating companies are required to abide by all rules and regulations of the Award.


HKRMA reserves the following rights:


  • Ownership of all data as well as the assessment used in the Award;

  • Final decision on all matters related to this Scheme and is not required to disclose any of the reasons relating thereto;


To request supporting documents from participating companies to prove the above declared information.


The submitted solution & application is developed and copyrighted by Hong Kong registered companies and can be distributed and licensed to retailers for use.



Withdrawals are not acceptable after the enrolment is received, and the participation fee will not be refunded.



Any false information given relating to the participating company may result in disqualification of its entry, and any participation fee paid for the period will not be refunded.


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