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'Small Business Quality Service Pledge' Window Sticker


Online Application 網上申請

Company Information 公司資料

Merchant Number is a 10-digit number. You may locate your Merchant Number from your statement of the terminal transaction slip. Please contact American Express if you have difficulty in finding the Merchant Number.

HKRMA Full Member 香港零售管理協會公司會員
Sticker Option 櫥窗貼選項
Contact Person 聯絡人

Please check the box(es) if you are committed in complying with the following quality service standards 請回答您是否致力遵守以下優質服務標準。

Small Business Quality Sevice Pledge 中小企優質服務承諾 

1. Ensure only genuine goods are sold.   


2. Ensure the overall shopping environment is pleasant and comfortable, e.g. clean floor, enough/soft lighting, display items and facilities are placed in good order.確保店舖整體環境整潔及舒適,例如地面清潔、光線充足、展示物品及設施處於良好狀態等。

3. Ensure frontline staff are neat, tidy and polite when serving customers.

4. Ensure frontline staff can explain product features clearly and listen to customers carefully.

5. Ensure customers can easily obtain the merchant's contact information, e.g. email, phone and social media.

6. Ensure a pleasant shopping/ dining experience for customers.
確保客人有愉快的購物/ 餐飲體驗。

​Membership 會員

Data Privacy Statement and Declaration  私隱收集聲明

The information collected from your company will be used for purpose of processing your company’s application. Please note that it is mandatory for your company to provide all the data. If your company does not provide such data, the Association will not be able to process the application. The Association intends to use all your company’s data for direct marketing; the data will be used for listing on membership directory, distributing circulars, publications, research materials, market information; direct marketing of the annual events, conferences, seminars, briefings, meetings, awards programmes, training programmes, and services of the Association; and direct marketing of activities similar to the Association’s above activities which are organized by the Association’s business partners. The Association shall not so use the data unless with your company’s consent. Your company has the right to request access to and correction of information held by us about your company. If your company wishes to access or correct the data, please contact us by writing to Ms. Ng at our address, by email ( or by fax (2866-8380).

本協會收集的 貴公司資料將用作處理上述活動申請。請注意 貴公司必須提供所有資料,以便本會處理有關申請。本會將會使用 貴公司所提供的公司資料在直接促銷的用途上,包括協會的通告、刊物、研究資料、市場資訊;推廣協會的周年活動、研討會、會議、簡報會、獎項計劃、培訓計劃及服務,以及協會的合作夥伴所舉辦的同類活動。本會只在取得 貴公司的同意後才會使用有關資料。 貴公司有權要求查閱或更正公司的資料,請書面以郵寄、電郵( 或 傳真 (2866 8380) 方式與本會職員吳小姐聯絡。


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