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ShopShop@HK 去街買
Inquiry Form for Gift Sponsor
Please provide us your contact details and our staff will contact you soon!
Are you HKRMA members 是否協會會員?
Do you have shop outlet for redemption? 有否零售店舖供兌換禮品 / 優惠?
I want to join ShopShop@HK as participating merchant if the above gift sponsor item is not qualified by HKRMA. 如以上禮品贊助項目未達協會標準,本公司亦想成為 ShopShop@HK 的參與商戶
本公司想成為香港零售管理協會會員 I would like to join as HKRMA members
Thank you for your submission and our staff will contact you soon!
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