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HKRMA X BOUTIR Quality E-Shop Recognition


Online Application 網上申請

Company Information 公司資料

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We are operating公司正在經營
HKRMA Full Member 香港零售管理協會公司會員
Contact Person 聯絡人(1)
Contact Person 聯絡人(2) 
Participating E-Shop Information 參與網店資料
Please provide E-Shop Logo for HKRMA promotion on Quality E-Shop Directory or other publicity. The logo would be used only if the e-shop passes the assessment.
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Plans and Participation Fee 計劃及參與費用
New HKRMA members can enjoy the below special rate to join recognition schemes
If you choose Plan 1, please provide five transaction proof of your e-shop in the form P.2.
If you choose Plan 2 or 3, please fill in the reimbursement amount below.  
如參加計劃 1,則需於此表格下一頁按要求提交5宗交易證明單據文件。
參加計劃 2 或 3,請填寫以下金額,否則,請跳至下一題)
Online Purchase and Reimbursement Arrangement for Contract Fulfillment

If you join plan 2 or 3 (Quality E-shop Recognition All-rounded Assessment), the Association will arrange mystery shopper to conduct online purchase at your e-shop in order to complete "Contract Fulfillment" (one of the perspectives of the assessment criteria). The online purchase and reimbursement would be arranged as follows:

Online Purchase 進行消費

  • The below agreed maximum consumption amount should be prepaid at the time of enrollment.

  • The mystery shopper would conduct online purchase at your e-shop according to the agreed maximum consumption amount, including delivery charge, membership registration fee or any other charges.
    神秘顧客將按同意之最高消費金額進行消費 (其金額需包括運費、會員登記費及其他不可免除的網購雜項費用)。

  • Assessment would be made for the part of "Contract Fulfillment" after the transaction.


Reimbursement Arrangement 報銷安排

  • The mystery shopper would return the received goods and purchase invoice to the Association after the assessment. A crossed cheque would be issued to refund the balance of prepaid consumption amount.

  • The association would send the crossed cheque, received goods and purchase invoice altogether by courier (courier cost is paid by receiver).
    協會將於把劃線支票、收到的貨品及付款單據以速遞(到付)送到 貴公司。


We confirm and agree with the above Online Purchase and Reimbursement Arrangement for Contract Fulfillment.  


​Special Offer for HKRMA Membership 會藉申請

Do you join HKRMA membership and get free "No 日Fake Pledge" at HK$1,180 for 1.5 year?
是否同時申請成為HKRMA會員及免費取得2022 / 23 正版正貨商標 (會費為HK$1,180) ?
Valid until 有效期至 2023年12月31日
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