2022 Quality E-Shop & O2O Customer Experience
Recognition and Competition 

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Special Offer for SHOPLINE Merchants Only 
Deadline: 30 June, 2022
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Special Bundle Offer for SHOPLINE Merchants (Discount up to 50% off) 



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HKRMA Membership Bundle Offer (Original for 1.5 year membership: $1,770 - $2,520)
$1,180 Special Offer for all SHOPLINE merchants to get 1.5 year HKRMA membership until 31 Dec 2023.
A. Join HKRMA to get 1. No Fakes Pledge
B. Join TRUST E-Shop & Quality E-Shop Recongition
C. Join O2O CX Recognition
Assessment Reminder:

E-shop merchants joined e-shop recognition will only take e-shop assessment and entitled to join Quality E-Shop Competition.

E-shop merchants joined e-shop and O2O CX recognition will be taken both physical shop and e-shop assessment and entitled to join both Quality E-Shop Competition and Retail O2O Competition
Contact Information
Online Purchase and Reimbursement Arrangement for Contract Fulfillment 

The Association would arrange mystery shopper to conduct online purchase at your e-shop in order to complete "Contract Fulfillment" (one of the perspectives of the assessment criteria). The online purchase and reimbursement would be arranged as follows:

Online Purchase 

  • The below agreed maximum consumption amount should be prepaid at the time of enrollment.

  • The mystery shopper would conduct online purchase at your e-shop according to the agreed maximum consumption amount, including delivery charge, membership registration fee or any other charges.

  • Assessment would be made for the part of "Contract Fulfillment" after the transaction.


Reimbursement Arrangement 

  • The mystery shopper would return the received goods and purchase invoice to the Association after the assessment. 

We confirm and agree with the above Online Purchase and Reimbursement Arrangement for Contract Fulfillment. The maximum consumption amount is: